Leg pain due to arthritis

Windsor First Aid Classes for Lower Disease Incidence Rates

Even though the prevalence rate of many diseases in Windsor is not the highest in Canada, it is still quite alarming since many of these rates are higher when compared to the prevalence rates in the entire province of Ontario. This is why residents should consider taking Windsor first aid classes in order to manage these numbers and hopefully, bring these rates lower than the province’s average. Here are some of the diseases that Windsor first aid classes can help manage.


According to Statistics Canada, more than 21% of the total population of Windsor can be considered as clinically obese. This is 2% higher than the number of obesity cases in all of Ontario which is only 18% of its total population. Obesity comes with a myriad of complications which, when left untreated, can cause life-threatening medical conditions. These conditions include difficulty of breathing, poor circulation and choking.


Leg pain due to arthritis
Leg pain due to arthritis

In the same statistics, it was revealed that more than 18% of Windsor’s population is suffering from arthritis while only 17% of Ontario’s population is suffering from the disease. At hindsight, this 1% disparity might seem like a small number. However, it actually translates to tens and thousands of Canadians. Windsor first aid classes will not be able to help prevent this type of medical condition as it is often inevitable and hereditary. However, first aid classes will help trainees handle patients who have suffered from falls and other accidents or injuries that are directly caused by this medical condition. These classes will also teach trainees how to administer pain medications to patients who cannot tolerate the pain caused by arthritis.


Diabetes is a common problem in different cities in Canada. However in Windsor, the number of people who are diagnosed with the disease is 3% higher than the number of people who are diagnosed in all of Ontario. It was revealed that almost 10% of Windsor residents have diabetes whereas the entire province only has a prevalence rate of 7%. By taking Windsor first aid classes, ordinary people will learn how to properly manage the medical conditions that come with this disease and are often untreatable. These medical conditions include non-healing wounds, digestion problems such as diarrhea or constipation and eyesight problems such as loss of vision. Considering that these medical conditions are untreatable, learning first aid will teach residents how to take care of diabetic patients in the long run.

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