Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers is a training program designed for people who work in organized medical environments; the student doesn’t necessarily have to be an allied health professional, but as long he or she is interested in Basic Life Support and is a health worker, he or she can sign up for this program. Windsor First Aid offers BLS for HCPs throughout the week, dubbing it as CPR Level C training.

Sign up is incredibly easy – there is an application form below that you can fill up online (no need to download anything). After you click submit, we will immediately receive your details but we will only process your application and confirm it during business hours (8 AM to 5 PM). You may reach us via e-mail or telephone call as well; we even highly encourage prospective trainees to visit us in person and get a free tour of our facility in Windsor.

Basic CPR training for HCPs

What makes this basic course different from the course that is open to the general public? Unlike CPR Level A, this program is tailored towards people who are familiar with or work in a medical set up or healthcare facility. The introduction to CPR concepts and skills is much faster with students with a medical or health care background, compared to laypersons. Because of this, CPR Level C’s curriculum is able to cover more advanced topics at a faster pace.

If you are taking this 4.5 hour program, expect to learn about the 2010 CPR and ECC guidelines and updates to it, basic CPR skills (compressions and ventilations), defibrillation, one and two-person CPR management, use of medical equipment (bag valve maks, first aid kits), and choking management among other topics.

The CPR Level C certificate

Just complete our program without missing a single class (complete attendance!) and pass the post-tests and you will be awarded a CPR Level C training credential that is valid for three years. The post-tests consist of a written exam and skills exam – you need to pass both to receive a training credential.

Renewal is also available at Windsor First Aid. CPR Level C refreshers take 4 hours to complete, after which the trainee has to pass another set of post-tests. The new credential is valid for 3 years as well.

Getting started with training: Defibrillation

Defibrillation is one of the three basic skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. However, in an out-of-hospital emergency, a defibrillator is typically unavailable until the emergency medical response team arrives. Aside from chest compressions and rescue breaths (ventilations), defibrillation sends electricity to the heart, which is meant to “shock” the heart into returning to a normal rhythm. It is performed on victims who are experience severe arrhythmias, not asystole or flat line, as is usually seen in movies and TV shows. The voltage is different for adults and children, but 360J are usually delivered by monophasic defibrillators to adults for defibrillation to be effective.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop by if you need more information.

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