Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

Introduction to WHMIS

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) was created by a collaborative effort of the Canadian government and labor and industry organizations for occupational safety. No matter how strict legislations and provincial regulations are on the handling of dangerous materials, the risk of hazards injuring someone or damaging property still remains. To reduce this risk, WHMIS serves as a system of symbols on containers of HAZMAT (hazardous materials). A symbol or a combination of symbols are used to identify the HAZMAT, as well as its potential hazards (e.g. biohazard, fire hazard, etc.).

Canada has several legislations on occupational safety, requiring businesses that handle hazardous materials to train its staff in the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. This not only reduces the risk of injuries and damages on the job, but also teaches the workers how to react to emergency situations should they arise. WHMIS is more than just a set of symbols, it is an entire response system – from prevention to management of hazards.

WHMIS Training Program

Windsor First Aid is one of many training providers all over the city that offer WHMIS training. However, we are among the best because of the high quality of our programs and our affordable training fees. WHMIS training can be taken one of two ways: (1) classroom or (2) online. Both choices have six units or modules to complete, with quizzes given at the end of each and a final (certification) exam.

The classroom WHMIS course is 4 hours long and costs 49.99 dollars. The online course is an hour shorter, at three hours, and costs 29,99 dollars. For students who plan on taking online training, remember that you may only proceed to the next WHMIS module if you pass the quiz at the end of the previous one.

The cost of training listed above include certificates, certification fees, and training manuals and equipment used in the WHMIS course.

WHMIS Training Certificates

Because WHMIS training is required by law if you work with hazardous materials, we mostly get students looking for certification during enrollment. Our training credentials do not expire (like certificates for CPR training) and certified trainees are not required to take refresher courses periodically. A student may opt to update him/herself by taking WHMIS training again – we allow this. Because our curriculum meets standards set all over the country, the WHMIS credential you receive from us is valid for whatever work or school purpose you need it for.


Windsor First Aid offers WHMIS training monthly, meaning our slots get filled up pretty fast. A lot of trainees enroll and confirm their slots as early as three months before the scheduled class. If you need WHMIS training and credentials, check out the available schedules below and give us a call to see which ones still have slots available. If you want to sign up and confirm enrollment, you can visit us in person from 8 AM to 5 PM or sign up using the online form below. If you enroll online, expect a confirmatory call or e-mail from us during the next business day.



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