Pet First Aid and CPR

Pet Emergency Management at Windsor First Aid

Getting trained in pet first aid and CPR may seem a little unusual but it still is an important set of skills to have, especially if you have a pet at home. If you own a pet cat or dog, you know how energetic they can be. Their boundless energy and inquisitive personalities greatly increases the risk of getting an injury. While first aid and CPR still follow the same basics (as with human CPR and first aid), recognizing that your pet is hurt can be difficult. Because they are unable to talk, pets express pain and discomfort through decreasing energy levels and appetite. If they have an injured limb, you will notice them slightly limping and favoring the uninjured side. Even with these signs, first aid is still often delayed for pets.

In a Pet First Aid and CPR class at Windsor First Aid, we teach our students how to recognize an injured or unwell pet and how to manage them appropriately. If similarities have to be drawn, you will notice that managing an injured pet is much like managing a very young child. The rescuer or responder has to keep the pet calm and reduce his/her anxiety; this will help avoid additional injury.

The Pet First Aid and CPR Program

Pet First Aid and CPR training runs for a total of four hours. It is available in a classroom set-up, with the curriculum divided into lectures and practical training. Trainees don’t have to bring anything; we will be providing all materials and equipment used during the course. The cost of pet first aid and CPR training is 79.99 dollars and tax. Certification fees are already included in the course cost.

To provide our students with the most realistic training experience, we have life-sized dog and cat mannequins used during return demonstration of skills. By teaching students how to give first aid and CPR to a lifelike mannequin, they will be better prepared when an actual emergency happens.

Once you complete training and pass the final exam, you will be granted a Windsor First Aid training credential for Pet First Aid and CPR. This certificate doesn’t expire, nor do certified trainees have to attend refresher classes. It is, however, encouraged that trainees update themselves every five years by signing up for training again. They can choose not to take the examinations since they are already certified.

The Curriculum and Included Topics

The Pet First Aid and CPR curriculum involves the same concepts in human first aid and CPR training, focusing on common injuries such as mild lacerations and sprains (very common in dogs and cats). The course will also teach students choking management, as well as management for more serious emergencies such as cardiac arrest.

You can enroll in this program using the online form below, or in person at our training location during business hours (8 AM to 5 PM). Contact us via e-mail and telephone call (the latter is only available during business hours as well); we will be glad to assist you with your inquiries.

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