Why Employers Should Make Their Employees Take St Mark James Courses?

Though work places like nurseries or day care school usually make it mandatory for its employees to take workplace approved Courses for safety and mandatory regulation standards but these days it is wise for most employers to make their employees take this course in almost all industries even ones that do not involve heavy duty tools. This might one wisest move an employer can make to prevent avoidable expenses on medical bills or even law suits procured from accidents at the work place.

Aside from the standard regulations a workplace should abide by; having a complete first aid tool kit and medications in the workplace, a clean environment, good ventilation, heat and cooling system, an employer should be prepared for unforeseen circumstances like an employee’s injury from operating a tool or even having a cardiac arrest. It is often required that this training of staffs meets the OSHA guidelines amongst other professional and regulatory standards.

The workplace approved courses are designed to have several options of delivery by qualified workplace approved instructors; this is of an advantage to your employee’s schedules. Below are a few you may choose from:

  • Full Service Training – This is probably the best as they are delivered at the location and time convenient for your staffs. St Mark James instructors usually work in agreement with workplace thereby agreeing on the time and locations to train staffs which should be at the work place.
  • Community Classes – These are held in almost every community. You can always find if there is any around your workplace online. Your staffs can then attend any of the classes that fit with their schedule.
  • Classroom, Online and Blended Learning– The online can also be very convenient for your employee’s schedule but they can only learn the basic theory aspect of the training online. The physical aspects of the training such as: CPR procedures or how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies are taught in a blended learning format and then the participants get to practice what they have learnt in the classrooms on dummies.

There are other options you can choose from like having an in-house trainer.

workplace approved Courses First Aid Course for employees
workplace approved Courses First Aid Course for employees

This can be achieved by sending a member of staff for training and having him or her to teach other member of staff. However, it is very important to make sure the program you choose to offer certifications after completing the training, usually the certificates do not expire for about two years. Some the courses also give free digital video and other materials for you to refresh your skills; you might want to look out for these benefits when choosing a workplace approved course.

A workplace can never be save because anyone could just slip or trip on something and fall; get injured and need emergency treatment until a medical profession can attend the individual a trained member of staff can attend the individual. This is why, it is usually worth it to take the extra mile to keep a safe and prepared work place in advent of accidents; it keeps you away from unforeseen law suits and avoidable expenses.

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