Some Important Facts About CPR Certification

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CPR certifications are becoming quite popular nowadays and the training is also good enough to provide you with basic to advanced level CPR performing knowledge. However, for some people training is not enough unless it can be verified such as through a certification. CPR is not as simple or easy as the movies depicts them, and it is important to know that a properly performed CPR can result into saving someone’s life and it can only happen if the person performing the CPR is skilled and trained properly for which a CPR certification isn’t a pre-requisite.

Are Certifications Necessary?

Simple answer would ne, no. The reason is you don’t have to perform a complex operation or a surgery on the affected person and CPR is merely a technique which helps you to buy more time for the victim until trained help arrives. If certifications were necessary to perform a CPR then many people’s lives would have been over. Moreover, as a human being it should be understood that it is natural to help other people whenever you can and to save someone’s life you don’t need anyone’s permission, in this case a recognized certificate.

Online Certifications

Where online education has become very popular in the last 5-6 years, CPR training courses are not falling behind either. Organizations such as American Heart Association and workplace approved also provide online training; however certification is another side of the coin. If you are getting a certification from these reputed organizations, that is good for you!

However it is also important to acknowledge the fact that many online training institutes/organizations etc. won’t teach you much but will certainly provide a certificate like those “degree mills” and these certificates are not respected in professional world. Afterall, anyone can make print your details and make a system, thanks to the advanced technology. Therefore, it is always better to go for organizations which are well respected in health care industry.

Accreditation of Training Providers

It is understood thatthe accreditation of your training provider is really important when it comes to getting certifications. An accreditation from a reputable authority is what tells you about the worth of the certificates that training provider issues you. It is always suggested to check for accreditation whether it’s online institute or provides traditional classes. Those having affiliations with national bodies such as American Heart Association (for US) and workplace approved should be given priority on others.

Certification vs. Experience

It is important to know that although certifications can play an important role, experience is far more preferred when it comes to helping people. It might not be of great help if you want a career in health care, but in general if you want to help people and save their lives then experience will always win over certifications because an experienced person would have seen and helped a lot than a certified person who don’t know much about different situations but just holds a certificate which might not be good enough in some cases, especially if your training was not good.

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