First Aid Courses inf Windsor

Few Myths about First Aid Courses

First Aid Courses in Windsor
First Aid Courses in Windsor

Various sources such as newspapers, internet, magazines and books give you a vivid range of information about various first aid courses. However, not all the facts stated in each of these sources are genuine. Some of the sources for getting training in first aid just boast about it. The Myths about such courses can cost lives. In this article we are going to discuss about what may be the indications that can let you judge an incompetent training course, sources of getting genuine training and a few myths about first aid.

1. How can you judge an incompetent first aid course?

First aid is a lifesaving trick in an alarming situation, but when improper methods are applied you can be punished for threatening a life. A good training program will teach you about the true facts about how to tackle challenging situations. An incompetent program will never try to fetch a lot of money from you. Those courses which tells you that the entire training will be a one time investment – is actually not true. Good first aid training programs require re-certifications after a definite period of time. Genuine programs will always employ a certified instructor who is skilled in his work. An incompetent instructor cannot train you with the best first aid training.

2. Sources of getting training under genuine first aid courses

workplace approved Programs never have any other motive except for providing genuine training in first aid. They explain you about all the myths and facts about giving a good first aid. workplace approved Programs are most trustworthy and do not have any hidden clauses under them like many other unrecognized first aid courses.

3. Few myths about first aid that should be explained in a first aid course.

A person who has undergone training with a good training program will know several myths about first aid. Few myths that a first aid trained individual should know about are as follows –

    • If a child drinks harmful substance then you should make the child vomit–This is a myth because some poisons are corrosive substances and it may burn the entire gastrointestinal tract while vomiting.
    • During heart attack a person should lie down –This is again a great myth as lying down would make it harder for the person to breathe, instead the person should cough vigorously.
    • In seizure attacks, you may put anything in the mouth to stop the attacks –Putting anything in the mouth may eventually result in breaking of teeth, a soft item may be used to control the situation.
  • Choking can be stopped by putting a finger in the mouth – another myth as it could prove to be a greater obstruction instead the person should be smacked on their shoulder.

It is important to choose a first aid program that is universally recognized even if it costs a few bucks more as first aid programs are aimed to save someone’s valuable life. Moreover, if you give a wrong first aid, you can be sued for that.

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